I love light shows more than people!

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Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

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brippytrittany asked: Dreads over straighten haired! (I think you have some dreads or maybe I'm wrong lol)

so you think just dreads? or dreads with straighten hair? 

Anonymous asked: I like your straight hair! You should deff do it sometimes (:

alright i do it soon, 

Anonymous asked: Did you purposely spell Las Vegas like Los vagus lol

no, i have a some kind of spelling disability. 

Anonymous asked: I don't get it. How does Sabrina feel about you posting porn and other girls tits and ass?

so she knows what i like. how can she please me if she has not idea what I’m in to?

theywillseeuswaving asked: Dude, are you vegan?

no I’m not. i eat almost everything. i was forced to be a vegan when i was a lil kid, because of a step mom i had, but its not for me.  


weed doesnt exist

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