I love light shows more than people!

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Anonymous asked: What would you tell a dude if his gf was a cam model and wasn't cool with it? Wish my bf didn't trip…. wasn't even showing boobies!

i can tell people many things, but thats not going to change any thing. one of the hardest things to do is to try and compel them to change there mind/feelings, to a whole new way of values and beliefs. it take people life times to change them self, all i can say is: do you think your going to spend a life time with this person? is it really important to you that you start caming? will his values match up with yours ever? “it seems they do not match in this category” or will you alway have different value? he really only has 2 ways to go, he’s going to be alright with it and trust you, or he’s not. and then you have 2 ways to go, your going to do it because you feel like you should, or your going to feel as if its not ok to do. 

let me know if that helped 

and just like in any relationship, no going behind any ones back. 

Anonymous asked: I am Hindu and your tattoo is highly offensive.

why? i really want to know?

brippytrittany asked: Depends do you have hair you can straighten? I personally like all dreads but I mean it is your hair lol

yea i do. i only have half of my head dreaded. I’m letting it happen all on its own. so i got lots of hair that is still normal. next time i go to LV i will do it.